Our Village on the Resonance Path

A Community Practicing the Magic and Science of Interconnectivity and Synchronicity

Message from Your Hosts

Welcome to Our Village, a community of practice on the Resonance Path.

We, Spring and Joe, started Resonance Path because we are committed to living in a culture that prioritizes these values: 

  • belonging and compassion
  • contemplative ways of being and knowing
  • ecological harmony and diversity 
  • embodiment, play and creativity

We believe when we ground ourselves in these values, our very presence can catalyze life-generating changes by eliciting synchronistic forces of the universe, akin to a butterfly's fluttering of wings being amplified into a cyclone thousands of miles away. That is what the ancient Taoists called Wu Wei, acting by non-doing, or more precisely, aligned micro-actions in the not-yet-visible realm. This is what we call Resonance. 

We have put our lives into testing what we believe in. First through our individual path, then, in the past ten years, through our intimate and professional relationship. To feed the fire of this cauldron, we are called to composting not just our individual identity and karma, but also the outdated beliefs and collective trauma we inherited from our respective cultures. This alchemy gave birth to the science and methodologies at the Resonance Path, a marriage between the eastern Taoist wisdom and a western scientific approach applied to the realm of consciousness. 

We feel that the best way to share our knowledge is in convening a learning and practice community, where this knowledge can be stewarded, cross-pollinated and reshaped among friends, peers and collaborators.  

Currently Our Village is at the first phase of forming — we want to involve a collective in co-shaping how this village develops.  

We are calling for cultural-makers of all kinds, healers, artists, warriors, pioneers, activists, spiritual seekers, weavers and magicians whose hearts and minds are attuned to the planetary change, and who are practicing life-generative ways of being, both individually and collectively. If you feel called, please come join us!

What we're offering:

At this forming phase, we plan to offer experiences designed to

  • Free our body and its vital energy from the numbing oppression of colonization and capitalism
  • Disentangle the mind and spirit from the spell of separation
  • Weave a felt-sense of belonging and trust among community members
  • Lay fertile soil for in-depth training in the science and methodology of the Resonance Path

These offers include: 

  • Qigong + improvisational movement
  • Ocean's Heart Theatre: through improv games, Playback Theatre and Theatre of Liberation, we reawaken to a felt-sense of belonging to our community and larger life 
  • Live seminars and pre-recorded conversations with community members
  • Peer-to-peer sharing and networking

This is also the base camp for cohorts who take courses and trainings at the Resonance Path. Our trainings aim at empowering people to take leadership in building life-generative cultures and restoring wholeness for the wellbeing of their local environment as well as at planet scale. Our trainings have two orientations:

  • First, restore feeling and intuition as a trusted compass of navigation, so that one can inhabit complexity, chaos and uncertainty with grace and playfulness. This requires one to compost their identity shaped by privileging the rational mind at a cost of damaging the sovereignty of one's feeling and intuition, 
  • Second, learn to use The Resonance Code, a pattern language to elicit the synchronistic power of the collective field. Resonance Code is born out of I Ching, the Book of Change, an ancient Taoist classic. Resonance Code enables one to amplify the effect of their Wu-Wei actions through tapping into the power of synchronicities. We also teach the ethical stewardship of this "magical force" through an ongoing self-reflection and inquiry process with peers.       

We practice economic models based on generosity and gratitude. Everyone is welcome to visit Our Village, enjoy our free offers and stay as long as they want. 

If you like it here and decide to stay as a "villager", you may make a monthly financial contribution based on the value you receive and your unique financial situation. For more about our financial policies, please read the article posted in the Village Square.